A little about the photographer and vision of Lizzie Jane Photography...

Hey, guys! My name is Leslie...I'm the face behind the name at Lizzie Jane Photography. I'm a mama (to the 2 sweet boys pictured above), a wife, sister, daughter, friend, Jesus lover, hippie, farmgirl, bookworm, antique junkie, runner, gardener, foodie who absolutely loves life (and coffee....high five to all of my fellow coffee lovers out there)!

 I enjoy the beauty and simplicity of life and I do my best to portray that into all of my photos...from family sessions to weddings! I'm a total sucker for lifestyle photography, you guys!  And while I offer stylized sessions, lifestyle is definitely where my heart is! There is nothing better than capturing life in real time...all of the love, the laughter and the occasional chaos (am I right?! haha)...all of those meaningful, heartfelt moments that come with a pure and true candid shot!

I would call my photography style vintage-inspired because I adore hazy, creamy photos that have a nostalgic feel to them.   There's just something about a vintage photos that portray so much raw emotion and that's what I'm trying to accomplish with my photography style. If I can make you feel all of the emotions like you're looking through an old family album at grandma's house when you view your photo gallery from me, then I've done my job!

If you're wondering why my business name isn't the same as MY name, there's a story behind the name. My business is named after our sweet baby girl, Lizzie Jane, whom we lost just a short day after her birth. I thought, what better way to keep her memory alive than to capture love and memories for people I photograph? I've made it a mission of mine to provide families with memories and photos that will last a lifetime...and there's a small piece of her in every photo I take. 

If you're interested in a session, let's get together and chat!